Announcing a Google Ads copywriter that will guarantee to outperform your best ad.

If you are a Google advertiser, here is a no-risk offer from Garth Wilby...

I'll guarantee to outperform your best ad by at least 10% in a split test.

If I don't pull at least 10% more responses, you won't owe me a single cent for work done - discovery or ad copy. 

If I do beat your best ad by at least 10%, you simply pay me an agreed upon creative fee...


Should the test results be impressive - and we both wish to enter into a full-service agency agreement - this creative fee will be refunded to you. 

In effect, I'm offering you a risk-free trial of my Google Ads pulling power. 

My work will cost you absolutely nothing - no discovery or copywriting costs - unless I beat your best ad by at least 10%.

Are There Any Catches?


There are two.

1. You must be willing to let me create ads I think will sell. 

Except for your legal and factual approval, I'd retain creative freedom. 

Naturally, if an ad isn't mine - if the copy has been rewritten - I can't guarantee its success. 

2. You must need better advertising.

If I think your present ad copy is excellent, I'll tell you.


I don't presume to be the only Google Ads copywriter that can turn out superlative work.


But if you're among the vast majority of advertisers whose ads aren't living up to their full potential, I'm confident I can help.

You might be wandering...

"What makes you so confident you can get me results when I've tried multiple agencies without the results I need to succeed?"

I know exactly how you feel...

In fact, I felt the same way when I started!

And truth be told, there was a brutal learning curve. 

In fact, it was worse than most people realise!

But a couple years ago I created a proven system that gets attention, attracts the right customers, lowers costs per click and beats the competition over 90% of the time!

And it's so simple...yet most advertisers don't use it... 

Crazy I know!

You see most ad agencies sell you on their expert setup, but the gold is in the ad copy. 

Always has been. Always will be. 

That's why great copywriters are in such high demand. 

What Should You Do If You're Interested?


If you're interested in me and my unique offer, complete the form below and I'll review your ads and let you know within 48hrs if I can beat your top ads by at least 10%. 


On the average, I feel I can beat about 19 out of every 20 Google Ads. 


This may sound brash - but I back up my confidence by carrying all the risk. 


The best part about my "guaranteed results" offer is that you don't risk a single cent! 


Take me up on my offer and complete the form below..

P.S. In case you’re one of the people (like me) who skim to the P.S. before you read the page, here’s what this is about:

1. I'll guarantee to beat your best Google ad by 10%

2. You'll risk nothing to give me a shot at empowering your ad copy

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