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6 Ways to Recruit Affiliate Marketers for Your Business

If you're new to the Affiliate marketing game and don't have a clear strategy of what works best to recruit new affiliates, read more and I'll share what works for me...

#1 Conferences

By far the best way to recruit Super Affiliates in my opinion is in person at the various yearly trade shows. Seems like they have one every other month so there's no shortage of opportunities.

In regards to trade shows or conferences you may be thinking, sure Garth, but it costs a lot of money to exhibit and we're not at that point yet...

Indeed, but I never said by exhibiting.

When I first started our company didn't have the budget either, so I found another way.

I would speak to anyone and everyone in a none pushy way to find out info on who the top affiliates were. Once I had my list of targets I 100% did not approach them and try push a deal through or sell them.

Personally as a previous Super Affiliate I hated that shit, it's all I would hear all day long.

Some dude with an agenda who wants something from me.

I decided from the start to do the absolute opposite.

I decided to befriend my target affiliates and get to know them first. To really give a shit about their life journey and not once did I ever try pitch them.

I would start by having drinks and simply chatting like you would to anyone else.

(the truth be told I started by sectioning off a corner of the bar outside the affiliate conference hall and always had 10 cold beers on a table for anyone who wanted one, but that's a story for another post.)

After getting to know my target affiliate and find common ground, I would start inviting them to dinners or nights out on the town.

You see there's not much a Super affiliate is going to learn at a conference. They typically know more than the speakers anyway. A very large portion of them are there to escape the day-to-day for a while and enjoy themselves...and that's where I come in...a natural entertainer has it's upsides, and that's who you'll need as your Affiliate manager.

Bottom line, stop the pitching, get to know the person, show them a good time and not only will they promote you on their own, they'll hit you up for time together at the next event.

A funny side note is that part of my goal would be to take the affiliates out so late that they'd either cancel their next day meetings with my competition or be too hungover to really pay attention.

As word spread random affiliates would contact me requesting a seat on the evening party train for the next night or next conference...job done.

#2 Skype Calls

The next best thing to meeting in person is a face-to-face Skype call.

The only goal of your email outreach should be to create enough curiosity to book a Skype call.

Don't send email and give them the old "we're new, we're the best, we have the best service" song and dance, that's what everyone says and is first level thinking outreach.

Create intrigue and book a Skype call.

#3 Native Advertising

If you can market your Affiliate Program on Social Media or other native platforms then do so.

Create stories from successful affiliates and if you don't have any, speak to the potential of what success looks like in your niche.

The last thing you want to do is run sales ads, rather create 3rd party stories and generate interest.

#4 Referral Marketing

Like in many businesses word of mouth is a great seller.

Chances are you've managed to hustle a few affiliates through outreach efforts, so incentivise them to tell their peers.

#5 Industry Forums

Most Affiliate niches have a forum where everybody congregates to talk a lot of shit for the most part, but often times the affiliates you want to attract are lurking and reading the message boards.

Take part in discussions and add value, don't try sell anything, they'll figure it out from your signature and contact you.

Of course you can run ads on these forums for brand awareness, but it's a bit of crap shoot. No harm in sectioning off a small portion of your budget though.

#6 Email Outreach

This is typically where most Affiliate Programs start but your outreach script better be good.

Because it's so easy everyone does it, right?

So you can imagine how many boring emails affiliates receive on a daily basis!

As previously mentioned, your goal here should be to setup a Skype call, that's where the magic happens.


Whilst I don't have much experience in it, I would imagine influencer outreach could also work with the right strategy.

Get them to promote your product in posts and roll the dice I guess.

Do you have any tips of your own you'd like to share?

Contact me, I'd love to hear them!

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