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The #1 Goal of a Great Affiliate Manager

Do you know what makes a great Affiliate Manager?

Let me give you a clue, it's not knowing rev share models or how to find affiliates like many think, that stuff is easy and anyone with a basic education can learn it...

Your Number 1 Goal is to Better Your Affiliates!

What do I mean by this?

Simple. Stop always asking for exposure and increased traffic at every opportunity you get. You sound like a stuck record and it's the same thing everyone does. Take take take.

Try giving back and see what happens!

What I mean is, you need to empower your affiliates, inspire them, coach them, do anything it takes to add value to their business and you will reap the rewards without asking.

How do you do it?

Get clued up on digital marketing for one and share this knowledge.

Do the research for your small to medium affiliates and reference strategies that they can implement in their businesses today to help them grow.

Visit experts like Neil Patel, Brian Dean and others. Source great info, summarise it and provide it to your affiliate marketers.

Give them tips on copywriting, lead generation, design, native ads, email marketing, anything and everything.

Do you get the point?

In other words, stop taking and start giving back selflessly.

You'll feel better too...unless you're "that guy".

I guarantee your results will be 10x better than the same boring garb the majority of Affiliate managers spit out - and that shit gets ignored faster than Trump oversteps political correctness.

Your Super Affiliates are already sorted and your strategy to deal with them is slightly different, and I'll discuss it shortly, but first...you need to light a fire under the 80-90 percent of your affiliates who earn under $1,000 per month.

If you can increase their productivity and knowledge, your entire base grows faster and they'll be indebted to you when they get big - and then your competition will not be able to pry them away with more money as easily as they are used to.

Super Affiliates are Different

Super Affiliates know what they're doing, so your approach needs to be different.

Your aim is still to give back, but in a different way.

Super Affiliates want exclusive deals to promote, so give it to them, they're worth the effort.

There's nothing that gets them to promote you more than offering and exclusive deal their peers don't.

It's an ego thing.

I'm not going to get into the whole Super Affiliate Management Strategy vibe here, my goal was simply to reframe your mind so you can stop wasting your time and your affiliates by saying the same shit everyone else does.

So, to drive it home one more time.

Provide value to your affiliates that they can use in their business to generate more traffic.

If they already know the tips, great, it confirms their knowledge.

If they don't, awesome, you upgraded their skill set.

High Five.

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