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My Experiment Buying Instagram Followers

I’ll be the first to admit that Instagram is not my natural habitat…

I’m a Facebook and Google Ads guy...obviously!

But I’m also adventurous…

So I set out to see how much it would cost to buy Instagram followers.

Now I’m not talking about shitty 3rd world packages you can buy for a few bucks and are worth even less to your channel...I mean “Adganically” grown.

(That’s my stab at “organically with paid ads”)

Here’s how it went down…

Step One

I start a new channel called @seanvegasauto

The idea is to showcase the best 2-door cars for sale in South Africa. (old & new)

Just showing cars would be ok, but I wanted to give value too...

Step Two

I buy Instagram Story Ads because I hear they’re all the rage :)

I use video ads because they get seen for 15 seconds versus the standard 5 seconds...In my head 3X more potential exposure for the same price, done deal.

I match audience to post and do a small ad buy.

Long story short the ads cost me R10 per new follower.

Not great.

Step Three

For shits and giggles I straight-up boost a post like a newbie :)

Because why not...what happens if I do, right?

The results are better.

Each new follower costs R5.

That’s better.

Step Four

Did I mention I’m optimisation obsessed? :)

I run 5 ads against each other in super-small micro doses of R50 each.

Three ad sets perform at R3 per new follower.

That’s Great!


My little experiment to buy 100 Instagram followers on a new account cost R420.

(Some of you may find that figure ironic)

By the end of the experiment I had followers on tap for R3 each.

I could probably purchase 10,000 within 60 days for R30K if I wanted to.

That’s a hell of a deal in my opinion!

The followers I purchased this way are great because…

  1. They asked for the content

  2. The like & comment on posts

  3. Their profiles match my ideal follower

These are the type of followers you want!

And it’s all clean in the eyes of Instagram.




I have no idea how much other industries cost.

The formula I used is repeatable and it would be easy to find out.

All ad traffic was sent to my profile of course.

P.p.s. If you're new to these parts, check out my New Digital Marketing Guide.

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