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Content Marketing to reach $412 billion globally - YIKES!

That's a shit ton of money, right?

How in the world is the content marketing industry bigger than print and television combined, and then some?!

Yes lady or gentleman - I'm not doing the pronouns too - that's where the world is at.

Powered by the almighty Google and Social Media, content marketing is the biggest and best way to spend your advertising dollars for longterm returns.

Build content of value or content with shelf life and your brand smiles like a kid in a chocolate factory...unless it's the Neverland Ranch chocolate factory. (sorry)

So where the hell is all the money going, coming from, leading to etc?

Let me give you a little bit of info before I jump deeper into the war chest...

The content marketing niche is expected to grow by $269.24 billion between 2020-2024 according to the latest report from TechNavio.

The CAGR is estimated at 13% or more in the next 4 years, with 2020 just shy of that number.

What is the market share by objective?

It comes as no surprise that the #1 reason to market content is to generate leads.

Then comes brand awareness, thought leadership and whatever other reasons you have for putting out content.

Let's Talk Lead Generation

The two big players are Google and Facebook.

For Google everyone and their sister is trying to rake in high-value SEO traffic without the costs per click - but nothing is free.

If you think getting top search engine rankings is free, time to break the news... there's no Santa Claus either.

Sorry buddy.

The next holy Google grail is Pay Per Click advertising - obviously.

The ability to turn traffic on and get leads like water through your tap.

That of course is insanely competitive due to the low barrier to entry...so you better have a proper PPC Sales Funnel to make ends meet in that arena, or else you'll be making more donations than the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

That leaves us with the next and arguably most popular way to get leads online, Social Media.

Here's the problem, the same theories that apply to traditional marketing don't work on social media.

We have now become accustomed to ignoring that 4th sponsored ad post as if it were an annoying relative who always asks for money.

When it comes to Social Media, you need to think native.

If you want to get leads then you had better create content that counts.

And that means building a lead magnet or High Value Content Offer (HVCO).

If you create content of value that has the sole task of helping your user, improving their lives or at least their current challenges, they're going to swap their email address for that free piece of content all day long....

And then you'll get the holy grail of digital marketing...

An email sales funnel or what the cool kids call a remarketing funnel.

So then, if your brand is not thinking content marketing, you better get that retirement plan in order because you'll be rocking away on your porch talking about yesteryear, sipping green soup and swearing at millennial's before you know it.



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