• Garth

Conversion Rate Optimisation is All That Matters - Period!

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is Turning Eyeballs into Cash.

Take Google Ads for example…

If your Google Ads click-through rate (CTR) is 10% and you improve to 12%, you get 20% more clicks instantly.

The same applies to your sales page where it’s even more critical!!

Here’s why…

If you’re converting traffic to sales at a rate of 5% and I’m converting at 10%, I’m 2X more profitable than you.

And it gets worse…

I can then pay 2X more for Google Ads clicks than you can.

Ultimately I’ll price you out of the market...bye bye.

And all because I know how to get attention, create desire and turn clicks into cash with ad copy better than you do…

I may not even have a better product!

It almost seems unfair.

But that’s the world of digital marketing ladies and gentlemen...

Niche at his finest.

The success of your marketing campaign comes down to getting attention and creating desire.

Every successful marketing campaign typically has a skilled ad copywriter and a senior UX designer.

Of course you can hack past these requirements using tools like Unbounce or Click Funnels, but you’ll need trial and error with those too.

The beauty of the struggle of course is when you figure out an ROI positive system, you can scale it until the cows come home.

(No idea where that phrase comes from)


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