• Garth

The Digital Marketing Guide Finally Launches...

Being in lockdown has given me the opportunity to create something I’ve wanted to for a long time...a digital marketing “black book” of proven tips & strategies...

My goal was to create a super simple guide I can give to friends, family and co-workers who invest in Google or Facebook Ads.

It’s my way of clearing the noise and giving away tips and strategies I know work...paying it forward I guess :)

So far the response has been super positive...

“Garth, of all the resources I have received, downloaded, watched etc. I believe your EBook has really stood out, explaining things simply and to the point, but without negating from what's really important.” Lorren G.

The next step is to get the guide into more hands...then to create V2

My idea is to contact agencies, consultants and peers to share their favourite tips too.

I’ll credit them accordingly and hopefully I can grow this eGuide into a best-in-class resource.

That’s the ultimate goal…

But one step at a time :)

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