• Garth

My Experiment Scraping Google Maps for Email Outreach

Before I get started…

Yes I break the terms & conditions of the email marketing company I use in this test.

But like all psychopaths I justify my cause and sleep like a baby :)

Just saying!

Ok, here we go…

A while back I spent 5 days manual sending emails to 300 agencies worldwide with a project I had in mind.

It was mind numbing!

If you consider I’m so impatient the spaces between words annoy me, this was gruelling!

So this time I thought…

What if I scrape Google Maps listings for the contact info then email the lot?

A reasonably common practice amongst marketers.

So here’s how I did it…

Off to Fiverr.com to see what the world of inexpensive (cheap) talent has to offer.

I search “Google Maps Scraper” and contact 3 providers.

Within 15 mins I’ve made a deal to get the contact details of 150 Digital Agencies in the USA for $5 - and I’ll get it within 24hrs.

So I wait…

Next day around 11am I get an email notification that my order’s ready.

The nice man from Pakistan delivers 197 matches.

(and tells me he made a script to do up to 1 million :))

I check out the data on Google Sheets to make sure all is in order.

Check. Good to go.

I pay the nice man his $5.

(and feel a little bit dirty but whatever, I’ll make it up with repeat work)

Now to send the emails...and I don’t want to use my email provider, because technically I’m breaking the terms and conditions. (oops)

I’m not supposed to send emails to a list other than an organically generated one…not a bought one or a rented one etc.

Yeah well that’s a nice thought and I understand why the rule exists, but…

I’m doing this for a good cause and a 30 minute turnaround sounds a damn site better than 1 week of hell...I don’t mind burning a random email account to learn what happens.

Besides...my goal is to get tips from other digital agencies that I can share on the blog or in a free “World’s Best Digital Marketing Tips” guide...

So I feel it’s for a good cause.

(You see, that’s where the “sleep like a baby” bit comes in)


Setup Account. Write Outreach Email. Add Email List. Push Send. Done.

Long story short, emails go out with no issue…


I forgot to mention I used an email marketing provider that offered a free account for under 3,600 emails per month.

Didn’t cost a cent - score.

I go to bed, wake up and I have 2 positive replies.

Two good agencies in the USA with Skype discovery calls set in place.

A poor result if I spent a week doing it…

An awesome result because I spent 60 minutes.

At a cost of $5.

That of course gets me thinking…

What if I do it daily?

What other industries could it be effective in?

Food for thought...

A good experiment then :)

Wishing you health and success.


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