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One Island - 5 People - No Friends or Family - Who You Got?

Yes I know this has nothing to do with content marketing, dry your eyes, not everything is work...or is it?

The "Challenge" that randomly entered my mind the other night was...you have to choose 5 people - can't be friends or family - to join you on an island for 7 days, who do you take?

Now I know some of you guys are going to fill your little island hopping boat with Victoria's Secret Models, but let's pretend you just visited Vegas for the AVN Awards and that cup is full...dig a little deeper please :)

So here goes, this is the list that came to my mind easier than designing a lead magnet for Facebook to suck in new clients faster than you can say, I need more employees!!


How can I be a good South African entrepreneur without including our greatest business export at the top of the list, arguably the greatest entrepreneur of all time...move over Steve Jobs?

Too soon?

I beg to differ.

When Elon - or Lonnie as his friends call him, not really - was 12 years old he was already reading more books than Tai Lopez's latest venture.

The kid was so smart he felt the other kids would bully him if they knew how smart he really was - true story.

To build PayPal at such an early age then decide to take on electric cars, sort out the moon issue and make holes under LA so we can all travel faster - just brilliant.

Wrapped up in all this is that sneaky little battery plant in the desert of his that will one day power everything we do...not bad for a guy who's not even 50 yet!

Oh not to mention the "How do we make a quick $20 million" idea...."I know, build a fucking flamethrower!" - wait my bad, I mean "Not a Flamethrower".


Ok ok, self-help time I know.

But who better to have on an island than the master Psychologist to sort out our heads and give us direction in a manner that makes us feel like we were just given the roadmap to life?

Gems like...

“You're going to pay a price for every bloody thing you do and everything you don't do. You don't get to choose to not pay a price. You get to choose which poison you're going to take. That's it.”

“If you fulfill your obligations everyday you don't need to worry about the future.”

"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else today."

I could go on and on but you'll start drooling and nod off...

You can see more pearls here :)


If you know me you'll know that I'm bloody addicted to Jiu-Jitsu.

It's more than a martial art or knowing how to choke you with your own arm - but that is nice to know :)

It's about the brotherhood and the confidence doing such a technically difficult art provides, and then overcoming all your bullshit ego-related stuff...to a degree.

And if I'm spending 7 days on an Island I'm most definitely going to want to train this beautiful art and there is nobody I would rather learn from the master Renzo Gracie himself.

It's beyond learning from a great teacher, Renzo will have us in stitches with the great big sense of humour and permanent smile of his.

Picking his brain and listening to the misadventures of a Brazilian youth after training sessions would be sublime, and he'd keep the island energy on point.


AKA The GOAT of comedians in my opinion.

I love comedic timing and Dave would have the island busting with his never-ending stories.

Who wouldn't want a comedian on an island, right?

#5 JAY Z

Can't spend 7 days on an island without musical genius, surely?

This was a tough one, so many great musicians...

The clincher for me is the storytelling ability of Jay Z and the way he almost effortlessly constructs new lyrics on the fly, that's genius in my book.

I love innovators, adapters and timelessness, so there it is...

That would be my island crew.



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