• Garth

"SEO IS DEAD" said the Marketing Man

My friend calls me up…

“Yo G, I need a favour. Call this guy who’s doing my marketing and speak to him. I want to know if he’s on point or full of shit…”

Yes sir, right away sir :)

Guy picks up the phone…

In the opening 60 seconds he drops the names of every “big” company he’s worked for, in any capacity, ever :)

He gives me five blue chips off the bat and I literally haven’t said 5 words yet.

We’re not off to a good start.

But I understand the play…

Qualify yourself and show strength using trusted brands.

I’m sure it works more often than not for Marketing Guy.

(don’t remember his name)

But I’m puzzled and thinking…

Ok name dropping guy...you’re that guy already...why are you 27 and still employed by little marketing agencies if you’re the gift to the industry and your knowledge is all consuming?

(The voice in my head is very blunt)

He continues…

SEO is dead, nobody uses it, there’s no traffic, all the traffic goes to the paid ads now, it’s obvious, they’re on top.


He doesn’t stop talking with conviction even though he has no clue what he’s saying...brilliantly brainwashed!

I think I understand what’s happening…

The agency revenue model is Google Ads management at 20% of the clients monthly spend, and his boss told him it's the only thing that matters, the best platform in the world...and it's all he must focus on.

Now I don’t have a problem with that…Google Ads is amazing and my #1 strategy too, but...

I do have a problem with him shooting down SEO like it’s the cause of CoronaVirus (too soon?) and now must be sent to the town square for execution by guillotine.

Good lord man, you don’t know what you’re talking about!!

Now I feel for the average SME going through this process because everything up until now sounds logical.

You’re probably thinking...

Yes Google Ads do appear on top. Yes it makes sense they would get all the traffic. Wow you’ve worked at some big name companies. You must be good. And such conviction!!

You’re kind of on a hiding to nothing, chances are you’re a believer.

But here’s the thing…

I don’t care about the noise.

All I care about are the numbers.

And the numbers for Google go like this…

1 - 75,000 Searches per second

2 - 67% of All Traffic to First 5 Organic Results

That means 50,250 searches per second go to organic search engine results - more than to Sponsored ads!

See full report here

I enlighten Marketing Guy :)

He whimpers and sniffles :)

Now please, cut the nice SEO channel loose.

There'll be no town square executions today!

I report back to my friend…

They’re ok on Google Ads and now enlightened about SEO...but don’t expect innovation or miracles...They’re an ad management company.

(not to knock ad management companies, they can be life savers!)

Anyway, that’s my little rant for today…

Wishing you health and success



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