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Top 10 Digital Marketing Questions & Answers

  1. What’s best, Google Ads or Facebook?

  2. Does SEO still work?

  3. What’s the Google Ads Secret?

  4. What are lead magnets & how do they work?

  5. Does email marketing work?

  6. How long does SEO take?

  7. How does Affiliate Marketing work?

  8. How does SEO work?

  9. How does Remarketing work?

  10. What’s Your #1 Digital Marketing Hack?

#1 - What’s best, Google Ads or Facebook?

For me...it depends.

Do you have a high ticket item or a mass market product?

For high ticket items, I choose Google Ads because the traffic and ROI is excellent, with the right landing page of course.

I can also control traffic supply and get live market data - cool.

For consumer goods with lower price points, I choose social media.

Arguments can be made for both of course, so try everything :)

#2 - Does SEO still work?

Yes. Very Well.

Up to 10X Returns yearly.

The top 3 results are still a cash cow.

Study shows 53.3% off all website traffic originates from organic search.

So don't listen to bullshit marketing guys :)

#3 - What’s the Google Ads secret?

Focus 80% of your energy building a great landing page.

The profit’s in conversions.

For example a jump from 1% to 2% can double your earnings.

Do the math :)

#4 - What are lead magnets and how do they work?

A lead magnet is most commonly a PDF presentation on a topic of interest.

You offer the PDF for free via email.

The user gets great value or saves time, you get a potential client.

#5 - Does email marketing work?

Extremely well.

Arguably the best form of marketing there is.

Consider what happens if you lose your Google rankings and all your money.

If you still have a quality email marketing database, you can survive.

Does purchasing lists and spamming work?

If you have the stomach for it and are tech-savvy, which you’re not because you’re asking, so stick to building value over time :)

#6 - How long does SEO take?

In my experience for a new site, 3-6 months to rank Top 10 depending on the competition.

For a trusted site, 24-48hrs… or 7-10 days...Google is a tease :)

#7 - How does Affiliate Marketing?

From the operators side, you give a percentage per sale or lead to the webmaster.

Webmasters are paid on performance - for the most part.

From the affiliate marketers point of view, you find products to promote through digital marketing and earn a profit for any referred sales.

Build a big network of websites promoting your product and you have a distribution channel.

#8 - How does SEO work?

Build a foundation of good content.

Get links from other websites pointing to the content.

The links act like votes in an election, the more links you get, the better your chances of ranking #1 - considering your links are from reputable websites of course.

The next factor is visitor engagement.

How long a visitor stays on your site.

Build good content, get links.

(See 6-Step Strategy)

#9 - How does Remarketing work?

Place a pixel of code on your website from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn etc.

When a visitor enters your site, they will be tracked to their next destination.

You can serve ads based on their previous browsing history and actions taken.

For example, if a user visits your website but does not complete the shopping cart purchase, you can place an ad in front of them when they next visit Facebook.

#10 - What’s Your #1 Digital Marketing TIP?

Build a killer landing page for Google Ads.

If you have a filter that converts clicks to cash, you’re winning.

Push repeat and build multiple revenue streams.

See my free marketing guides for more tips.

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