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Top 5 Google Ads Tips for Beginners

I've lost a lot of hair trying to create a winning Google Ads formula...

If you want to keep yours and fast-track your results, obey these Top 5 Google Ads Tips.

1. Be a Unicorn

If there are four blue books on the shelf don't add another one!

You need to be the red book!

Make sense?

You need to say something totally different to the marketplace...

You need to create a unique voice that sticks out like a tall tree in a desert.

Look at what your competition is doing - then do the opposite.

If you're going to be bland and not take any risks, you're going to make donations.

You're in this to make money, and nothing works better than being unique - duh!

2. Value Proposition

Nobody cares about your company.

Nobody cares about your service.

( Or any "me, myself and I" crock of BS. )

People at the end of the day only care about themselves.

What can your product do for them?

What results will they get?

Don't say "we sell great cars", say "You need a reliable car?"

Make a "statement question" to get a yes answer.

You need to give the target a reason to click your add.

You need to answer their big burning question...

What's in it for me?

3. Numbers Get Attention

People scan then read.

It's the brains way of trying to find information quickly.

And numbers help to get attention fast.

For example:

Which ad is easier to read and stands out more?

a) We have the widest selection of used cars.

b) We have 217 used cars

Get the drift?

4. Keywords in Headlines

Research proves that using the target search term in the headline increases click through rates, so use it.

If someone is searching for "Best Denver Hotels" and your ad says...

"We have the best accommodation"

It's not going to stand out as much as:

"The 10 Best Denver Hotels"

5. Keep it Short

We now live in a world of mobile devices.

More than 65% of Google Search Engine traffic originates from a mobile device.

And what do mobile devices have that desktops don't?

Small Screens.

And that means long headlines don't fit nicely.

They're harder to read and get skipped faster.

So try keep your headlines short.

Also use short phrases in your description.

This will make it easier for mobile users to consume your ad - and that means more clicks.

Simple, right?

Now you have 5 killer tips to write better Google Ads.

Thanks for reading.


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