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What are the highest paying Affiliate Programs?

First I must warn you that if you're asking this question your chances of succeeding are around 1%.


Because in order to make HUGE F*** You Money with the top paying affiliate programs, you have to be shit hot at marketing. I'm talking seriously skilled on top of your game stuff, because you'll be competing against the worlds best digital marketers.

If you're still reading at least I haven't scared you away...

So then, what are the highest paying affiliate programs and how much can you make?

We used to refer to the top paying programs as the "PPC" of affiliate marketing.

This stands for Pills, Porn and Casino.

Nowadays you could add Financial to the mix but it kills the cute abbreviation :)

I would put the order as follows:

  1. Online Casinos

  2. Sports Betting

  3. Forex / Financial

  4. Pharmaceutical

  5. Adult

How much can you earn?

I refer to the top 1% of affiliate marketers as Super Affiliates.

These are affiliates who earn in excess of $100,000 per month.

When I was working for an online casino affiliate program the top 3 guys in the industry were making in excess of $1,000,000 a month each!

That's that FU money!

I don't have hard stats for the other niches I can share with you, but they'll all be above $100K per month, of that there is no doubt.

Now in order to earn that type of money you're going to need to invest a decent chunk in your marketing. This is not a build it and become a millionaire overnight story.

You'll need to get top 3 Google Rankings for the toughest terms or invest a shit ton in PPC or other paid ad platforms.

I recommend a simpler solution

If you want to scoop up low hanging fruit then the best bet in my experience if you don't have the skills to compete with the worlds best in cut-throat markets...is to reach out to local business owners and negotiate your own deals with them.

This is not a plug and play solution as it requires you do a little work, but that's the beauty of it.

Most people are lazy and think they'll find a street paved in gold but that's not a reality.

For example...

Travel can be lucrative. The average cost of a luxury holiday for two is in excess of $20,000.

The profit in that is between 10% to 30% depending on the niche.

Do a revenue share with a travel operator in the luxury space and negotiate 25% or more for each paying client you send them.

This way you're earning affiliate revenue but not competing with thousands of marketers.

Make an authority destination site and push the traffic to your local partner. (or international, whatever)

This is a simple example but you can do it for any industry.

You can refer traffic to dentists, lawyers, accountants or a personal favourite, real estate agents.

Most real estate agents suck at marketing but are happy to give you 1% of a sale.

Refer a million dollar buyer and they'll cut you that $10K check no problem.

Scale to high end homes in your target destination and you only need a handful of sales a year to earn a damn good living.

That's my two cents but at the ned of the day you need to weigh up your risk vs reward.

Sourcing your own affiliate deals means less competition, cracking a Top 5 Affiliate Market means a sick cash flow until the next guy comes along to take your shine.

Good luck.

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