• Garth

What Business Opportunities Will Follow Coronavirus?

I guess that’s the million dollar question!

I’m no economist or historian so I can’t draw on those resources to formulate an opinion...

But I can take a few wild stabs and read a news article or two :)

(And please feel free to shoot me your ideas)

So what comes to mind?

Obviously remote task automation services like Monday.com etc

And the live video platforms too.

But those are monster projects and taking a punt that big on a hunch in a market where it’s being done well...great idea, if you have the bankroll.

Too rich for most though.

( holler if not, I’ll build it for you :) )


Factories are Running Out of Condoms!

One of the first things people from the nice town of Wuhan did after their lockdown ended - and unleashing a plague on the fucking earth of course - is get married.

So then, a few certainties:

  • More Weddings

  • More Babies

  • More Families

  • More Travel

  • More Food

  • More Insurance

  • More Finance

  • More Schooling

  • More Property Sales

  • More of Everything

We’ve just taken 4 weeks or more to let humanity breed!

Many bedrooms - or lounges, tables, showers, balconies, gardens, pools and fish ponds - now resemble the activities of a bachelor pad.

Yee Haaaa!!!

I digress...

The way we connect and the locations we connect from may change...but there’ll be no shortage of demand once those babies start popping out like wild-flowers.

What to do when you don’t have 9 months to wait and are looking for quick scores?

I guess brainstorm in groups as much as possible.

Skype conferencing etc will do the trick.

( Hit me up if you do, I love that shit )

Wishing you health and success.



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