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What to do if your Facebook Ads account gets disabled!

Firstly - and I can’t stress this enough - don’t go off on a rant!

Don’t be like…

“I fucking told you I was not designing the ad to mislead anyone you imbecile! I was targeting an audience with my interests using a picture they would relate to so I can make them a mutually beneficial business offer in a creative way. I hope you have eight children all sharing the same body you village idiot depriving waste of my-damn-time. Tick tock.“

Definitely don’t say that!

Rumour has it, it doesn’t help...

Now I understand from first hand experience what it feels like to get the “your Facebook Ads account has been disabled” email, and notification in the top right corner of your Business Manager account…

It’s alarming!

Especially because Facebook Ads are such an excellent source of cheap leads...nobody wants to lose access to a working money maker!!

If this happens to you - and chances are if you use Facebook Ads enough and push boundaries from time to time, it will - then this is what you want to do…

The First 24 hours are critical... for you to breathe!

Don’t make any impulsive replies or think you’ll be dealing with a human.

You’re not.

You’ll be dealing with a robot who may be in human form…

This will not be one of those “Hi Sanjay, yes it will be pleasing me too ever so graciously” conversations with the call centre in India...this will be emotionless.

You’re in the principal's office buddy, not the locker room.

And it’s 1990 - Beatings are still allowed!

Act accordingly.

Right, here’s how you solve this challenge…

Step 1

Analyse your ad honestly and if nothing else at least understand every bit of copy and imagery you’ve used.

Step 2

Read the entire Facebook Ads Policies.

I mean every single one, don’t skip anything.

You want to find the rule closest to your ad that you may have broken.

Because if you reply without taking effort, you will be declined again and do it a 3rd time and good luck getting your account back in the next 90 days - more lockdown for yo ass.

Take a sincere moment of reflection and find the policy you breached.

Step 3

This is the time to get ready for some serious arse-kissing…

Your reply may go something like this…

“Hey fucker” ...no wait :)


I apologise sincerely for breaching Term __________

It was never my intention to harm or mislead and it will not happen again.

I will increase ad quality control efforts in my company for all future Facebook Ads.

I have learned a valuable lesson and hope to have my account reactivated so I may continue in a positive manner.

Kind Regards,


Now don’t expect some human reply like…

It’s ok, we’re all humans and make mistakes, your account is now active again Bob, have a blessed day and live your best life :)

None of that.

In my experience you simply receive a notification that your ad account has been re-activated.

In Facebook's defence, they do this very quickly.

I think I was back in 24-48hrs.

You really have to approach this process like you’re talking to an emotionless machine who has already reviewed your situation and feels 100% they are right.

It takes too long to try and prove a creative point.

I’ve heard of accounts being disabled because the ladies teeth in the ad were too perfect and might make other people with British teeth feel bad…

The world we live in!


Do your homework, apologise sincerely with examples of effort made (terms breach) and move on with your life.

That’s how you get your Facebook Ads account back after it’s been disabled.

The End.

Wishing you health and success.



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