BioSmart Mobile App

New biotech startup aims to disrupt the COVID-19 testing protocol in South Africa by producing up to 200,000 test kits daily at half the market price. 

The testing process is streamlined with a mobile app allowing the user to scan and link a barcode to their profile before dropping it off at a collection point and receiving their status via app alert. 

Attic Inventory HVCO

High Value Content Offer or Lead Magnet built for London based property company Attic Inventory. 

The HVCO is a value-add for Realtors requiring a proven step-by-step system to get new homeowner leads in Greater London. 

Attic Inventory gives this away in exchange for an email address as a way of providing value and building top of funnel leads. 


Biotech Africa Website

Biotech Africa is a leading seller of recombinant protein worldwide and required a brand design update to showcase their high purity proteins. 

The fully responsive platform provides information on a variety of proteins including SARS-CoV-2, HIV, Syphillis, Hepatitis C and Typhoid. 

BioSmart Website

Informative COVID-19 facts and information form the foundation of the new responsive BioSmart website built to educate the public on the virus sweeping the world. 

The information is reviewed by experienced virologists ahead of launching their full-scale COVID-19 testing platform in South Africa. 


Tailor Africa Website

Luxury safari honeymoon specialists use a responsive website to target international clients to south and east Africa with a Google Ads optimised website to generate leads on demand. 

This high converting website allows Tailor Africa to get leads at 70% of the current market value and convert them at a rate 2X better than the competition, giving them an unrivaled advantage. 

Beast in Paradise

The challenge was to create a tequila brand for the nightclub market to compete with the more dominant vodka labels...

Using a vodka-style bottle as a base and my love for suga skulls, the concept was born, in pink of course because let's take risks :) 

The name came in a deep meditation session and I liked how the visuals may play out in V2. 


Pure CBD

Make a modern looking bottle that sticks out on a shelf amongst the dozens of generic private labels. 

The name Pure is a throw back to a nightclub in Vegas I enjoyed and considering the subject matter, works well for a CBD brand too :) 

Lamborghini Wrap

Create a Liverpool-themed jaw dropper using a Lamborghini for a fantasy sports betting startup to post on social media and in native ads.



Covid Easy

In the heat of the virus I created a Startup to provide essential services when most businesses were not allowed to operate. 

The result was an adventure in N95 orders, a brilliant but ultimately worthless compliance process and close call with Fogging. 

Susan & Freddy

Two characters created for a sports betting startup to use in their banner advertising on social media and affiliate websites or newsletters. 


FanBet CMS

Cracking CMS built in Umbraco in 2009 in partnership with Soda Digital in Australia. 

This user interface would still look great today. 


King Monkey

This is what happens when you're listening to Cypress Hill and playing with icon sets. 

I've come to greatly enjoy looking at the character on the chair, as if in a mirror :) 


Asset Capital

Luxury. Finance. Brand Name.

That was the brief!

The result is called AssetCapital with a look and feel totally unique in the marketplace. 

Not bad...for a finance site :)

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